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 Make at least $80 for participating and
 sharing your opinion in market
 research Focus Groups.


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What is Market Research?
Market research is a way in which companies find out what you - the customer,
 think of their products and services. They may be launching a new product
or testing a new advertisement and we need your opinion.
What is a focus group?
We invite 8 people with similar interests to discuss varying topics such as
food products, advertisements, the car you drive or even the brand of
toothpaste you use. It is an enjoyable experience as you meet other people
 like yourself and share your opinions with them. We offer you a payment
ranging from $80 to $150 for attending focus  groups which provide free light
refreshments, and prove to be an enjoyable experience. Sessions generally
 take between 1 and 2 hours.
When are focus group held?
Groups are held either during the day at 10:30am or 12:30pm. Monday to Friday
 for non-working and part-time working people, or at night, usually at 6pm for
working people.